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Body Cleansing with Essential Oils

Introduction: Body Cleansing with Essential Oils

In today’s world, the topic of detoxification is a broad area for various speculations. Traditionally, people are looking for a magic pill or procedure to address their concerns. However, as life has shown, genuine health, energy, and a fulfilling life can only be achieved through lifestyle and dietary changes.

Detoxification is an ongoing process in our bodies. It’s not just about processing what comes from the outside. The byproducts of reactions within the body can also be harmful. Nature, however, is wise – intricate mechanisms allow us to benefit from various substances and processes, neutralize harmful agents, and eliminate unwanted metabolites.

Essential OilsUnfortunately, many of us have mutations in several genes, a natural result of evolutionary processes. Some mutations adversely affect the body’s ability to neutralize certain metabolites independently. For instance, mutations in the genes of the folate cycle require large doses of B vitamins (specific vitamins for each mutation), and that too in a bioavailable form.

Other mutations affect genes that neutralize xenobiotics. Or, in some cases, an excess of carotenoids (pro-vitamin A from plants) doesn’t convert to retinol. Worse yet, it can have a toxic effect on the liver and the body due to the specific genes of an individual.

It has become trendy nowadays to get a genetic passport. The advantage of this is that you know precisely where your vulnerabilities lie and how to support your body specifically. Tailored assistance to processes is needed, and many modern trends overlook this.

Celery juice and smoothies are seemingly beneficial for detox. Yet, they often contain fruits (to enhance the taste). This leads to sugars without fiber, which immediately “attack” the pancreas. It’s not a gradual process as if you ate the same fruit, or even more so, a vegetable or greens separately. The absence of saliva processing also impairs digestion.

Liver and Detoxification: The Role of Essential Oils

The liver primarily carries out detoxification. Detailed discussions of these processes are covered in the course titled “Youth from Within.” It delves into recognizing problems in the detox pathways and how dietary supplements can support these processes. Detoxification is continuous. One can’t just “take out the trash” once a week. It’s an ongoing process, and one should maintain it consistently, rather than relying on occasional “detox” sessions.

A common question is: can the body be detoxified using oils? Essential oils have a dual effect on the body in terms of detoxification. On one hand, if there are significant liver problems, it’s better to avoid essential oils, as they act as xenobiotics. They are potent substances that the liver must process, neutralize, and prepare for elimination. On the other hand, some essential oils enhance glutathione, an essential endogenous antioxidant. It works with other antioxidants, allowing them to remain active for longer.

Detox by Essential OilsContrary to a common misconception, one doesn’t need to ingest these oils. Firstly, the composition of the oils might change during digestion, so what will reach the liver? Secondly, a safe and effective method is to topically apply a blend to the liver area. Make a 3% mix of essential oils in a base oil and apply it to the liver’s projection twice a day.

To boost glutathione synthesis, one can use oils like grapefruit, rosemary, fennel, ginger, cardamom, cumin, and peppermint. Eucalyptus globulus (used in inhalations) can help maintain glutathione synthesis during intense physical activities.

For enhancing liver detox processes, lemon oil is suitable.

To eliminate the end metabolites from the liver, it’s crucial to improve bile flow. Here, essential oils like peppermint and oregano can be beneficial.

The condition of the intestines is also vital for detoxification. If the intestinal wall is permeable, many substances that shouldn’t leave the intestines can re-enter the body. Without regular bowel movements, toxins can get reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

Lymphatic System and Detox: The Role of Aromatherapy

Another vital system in the detoxification process is the lymphatic system. It runs alongside the circulatory system. However, unlike the latter, it doesn’t have a pump, like the heart in the circulatory system, to propel the fluid. The flow of lymph is aided by the movement of blood vessels, muscles, and the diaphragm. Hence, physical activity stimulates lymph flow and reduces swelling – ensuring optimal circulation.

Sedentary behaviors, static postures, tight, uncomfortable clothing can hinder lymph flow. The lymphatic system transports cellular metabolic waste through intercellular spaces. Neutralized pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and cancer cells are funneled into the lymph, which should timely transport them to lymph nodes where further destruction and removal of harmful components occur.

Insufficient lymph flow to these nodes can lead to inflammation and compromised immunity (both cellular and humoral immune responses). On the other hand, lymph plays a role in fat transport; stagnation can lead to cellular starvation. For proper lymph synthesis, a balanced water intake is essential, avoiding dehydration. Recall the oft-repeated advice to drink 1.5-2 liters of water daily?

Body Detox With Essential OilsAromatherapy also plays a part in the lymphatic system. Detoxification using oils is achieved through their lymphatic drainage properties. Essential oils can boost lymph flow and reduce swelling. This effect is particularly prominent in cypress, rosemary, grapefruit, and juniper berries. Both rosemary and juniper have anti-inflammatory effects and gently stimulate blood circulation (indirectly enhancing lymph flow).

Apply mixtures following the lymph flow towards the nodes, use baths, or opt for lymphatic drainage massages. For the blend, use 3% essential oils (3 drops in 5 ml of any base oil). For baths, use 5-10 drops dissolved in a hydrophilic oil. Combine bath oils with Epsom salt.

To counter swelling, incorporate CO2-extracts of chestnut, rosemary, ginkgo, and birch into your mixtures.

A notable lymphatic drainage effect against swelling has been reported by users of the ready-made anti-cellulite mix “Green Freshness”. If there are vein problems, another mixture “Cypress and Pistachio” might be suitable.

Conclusion: Body Cleansing with Essential Oils

Remember that establishing a holistic approach is essential for health. It isn’t just about individual measures, but a shift in lifestyle, diet, activity, and environment. This not only minimizes the entry of harmful substances into the body but also ensures their timely elimination. The rewards include well-being, productivity, and life satisfaction. Aromatherapy is yet another robust building block in constructing health.